Seth Goldkamp – President
Design Aire Inc.

Dan Seliga – Vice President
Manager, C.J. Seliga & Co.

I’ve worked for our fourth generation family business since I was a kid, but started full time in 1997. I work in all aspects of our business. I started out doing installs, then service and have transitioned into running all of the daily operations. I enjoy the challenges of making sure everyone and everything gets taken care of right, especially when we are extremely busy. I am honored to be on the Gateway ACC committee because I feel as a group we can get a lot more accomplished then as individuals. This organization watches out for legislation, municipalities, and licensing that impacts all of our businesses and I am glad to be able to help contribute to that.

Patty Clisham – Treasurer
President, DUCTZ of West St. Louis

My name is Patty Clisham and I’ve been working in the HVAC/R industry for 28 years.  My current position is President of DUCTZ of West St. Louis and St. Charles and I like to sit on the Gateway ACC board because I am active in the organization and support its mission to educate contractors through seminars, the advanced website and monthly functions.  I was honored to join the board for 2010 and believe that my years of experience in this field can be utilized to continue its successful growth.

Denise Webb – Secretary
Service Manager, Welsch Heating and Cooling 

My name is Denise Webb and I have been working in the HVAC industry for 29 years.  I wanted to sit on the Gateway ACC board because I want to become more involved with this great organization.  I have been an active Gateway member for the past 6 years and am excited by the prospect to be able to assist Gateway to grow and serve those in our industry.   Gateway has so much valuable information and resources for its members and I am dedicated and willing to share and learn too.

Brian Agers – Director
Agers Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC
Shane Awtrey – Director
Owner, Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning
Jim Baillargeon – Director
Scott-Lee Heating Company

Phil Hendrickson – Director
Senior Estimator, Air Masters Corporation

I have been in the HVAC/Mechanical Contracting industry for 45years, the early part of my career I was as an HVAC service technician. I owned my own HVAC Contracting Company for 14 years. After selling my company 15 years ago, I have worked as an HVAC/Mechanical Project Manager/Estimator. I was elected to the Board of Directors of the St.Louis Chapter of ACCA, 8 years ago and am currently Treasurer of the Board of Directors. I feel that Gateway provides numerous viable benefits such as: networking with other like contractors and vendors, apprenticeship training, continuing educational raining, plus the ability to keep up with the continuous changes in the industry as well as the changes in governmental issues concerning our industry. When asked to serve on the ACCA Board of Directors, I was honored to have the opportunity to contribute to an organization that is as beneficial to our industry as ACCA.

Robert Hoffmann – Director
Vice President, Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Contractors are stronger working as a team than working as a group of individuals trying to survive on our own. We can share resources such as training, human relations, legal, and work together on larger projects. We have also found it necessary to be involved with the government especially when it concerns licensing of Mechanical contractors, taxes, health insurance and tax credits. Someone needs to be looking out for our interests or they will legislate or tax you out of business.

I have more than 20 years HVAC experience and served as President in 2001 and 2002, Vice President in 2000 and treasurer in 1999 and was honored as the Air Conditioning Man of the year in 2000 and 2001. I  obtained my Professional Engineer’s license in 1986, graduated from Ranken Technical College in HVAC in 1991, completed the HVAC design course from UMR in 1993, and completed the U.S. Department of Labor HVAC training program in 2001.

Lois Keeven – Director
Office Manager, Keeven Heating &Cooling

My name is Lois A. Keeven. I have been working in the HVAC  industry with my husband, Ron, since 1969. I learned early on that it is important to be involved. In 1996,  large utilities across the State were trying to get into our industry through service contracts. We, HVAC companies across the State, and ACCA St. Louis and its members fought through truck rallies and lobbying in Jefferson City from 1996 to 1998 to save our jobs. We finally got legislation passed in 1998  to protect all HVAC companies in Missouri. It takes a team effort to be aware of and prepared for our ever changing industry in product and accessories. Gateway ACC continues to be involved with Federal, State,  local legislation, licensing, and regulations that would affect our industry. I am proud to have served  and wish to continue serving on ACCA St. Louis’ Board of Directors because of the tremendous support they give our industry.

Corey Malone – Director
Air Comfort Service, Inc.

Tyler Menos – Director
Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave Niedzwiecki – Director
Business Development Manager, Johnstone Supply

I have 28 years of industry related experience, 15 years on the Manufacturing/Manufacturing Representative side of the business and 13 years on the Wholesale side of the business. I am the Business Development Manager for Johnstone Supply’s 5 locations and I work directly with contractor owners in all facets of their business.

I have been on the local Gateway Board since 2005, I am currently a member of the Education/Program committee, but I have also served on the membership committee, website committee and Green Committee. Gateway is important to me because it is our industry voice. I watch Gateway contractors strive to be the best at what they do day after day, tough economy or not. Always wanting to raise the bar in our industry. I believe that Gateway is always striving to help their members be the best they can be, especially staying on top of Licensing issues and business training.

Ken Perotta – Director
Director of Sales & Marketing, Crescent Parts & Equipment

My name is Ken Perotta and I’ve been working in the HVAC/R industry for over 38 years. I have been with Crescent Parts & Equipment since 1982 in various rolls. In my current roll there I am managing the Sales, Marketing and Purchasing groups. I am a member of the Gateway board and involved in a number of other industry and vendor committees and groups. I believe that being actively involved helps us affect change and stay abreast of our industry’s issues, threats, and opportunities.  Gateway gives me the opportunity to work with proactive professional contractors and other dedicated HVACR professionals who want to build a stronger industry.

Terry Rosenstrauch – Director

My name is Terry Rosenstrauch and I have been working in the HVAC business for approximately 38 years.  



Erin Conley – Association Manager

Kellie Jones – Executive Director
11 years later, I still haven’t had the same day twice.  With licensing, apprenticeship, PEUs and an ever-changing business environment,   I’m constantly learning something new. Gateway Air Conditioning Contractors is preparing to meet tomorrow’s demands, yet we’re always here for our members, so…how can I serve you today?  314.600.2659/314.899.0751  or kjones@gatewayacc.org.