So, what is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is learning theory, training to understand the required skill set and practicing those skills in a supervised environment as you work in the field to gain real-world experience.

Our Department of Labor program offers three occupations: HVAC Servicer Installer, Pipefitter and Sheet Metal.

Our program supports our member contractors. If you are looking to get into an apprenticeship program, you will first need to be hired by one of our contractor members and then they can put you into a program.


  • We take you step-by-step through the on-boarding process.
  • To quickly move your apprentices through the program, the Apprenticeship Program Committee meets quarterly to update hours, complete apprentices and/or address specific issues.
  • You receive annual apprentice status reports, but feel free to ask at any time.
  • We offer contractor designed/led classes to supplement and reinforce technical knowledge and field applications.
  • Gateway to Industry, our apprenticeship school, is available for related instruction training.
  • Veterans – we are able to help you get your training benefits!