RI, OJT & Advancement

Getting Through the Program

Each occupation (HVAC, PF, SM) has two completion requirements: On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Related Instruction (RI).

HVAC Servicer/Installer (4 years)

640 Related Instruction Hours
7500 On-the-Job Training Hours

Pipefitter (5 years)

720 Related Instruction Hours
9000 On-the-Job Training Hours

Sheet Metal (5 years)

720 Related Instruction Hours
9000 On-the-Job Training Hours


OJT is exactly what it sounds like – for every hour on the job, the apprentice gets credit toward completion. Apprentices do not have to start at zero OJT hours; they can go back 12 years and capture previously earned hours.

On-the-Job Training Credit Documentation (to capture previously earned hours)

• W2s; if you have a partial work-year W2, please note hourly wage on the W2. If your W2 is not obviously industry related, i.e. you worked for a hotel or school district, you will need a letter from that employer explaining your HVAC field experience.

• Paystub. If paystub not available, ATC will accept notarized employer documentation showing total number of hours worked and the hourly wage earned during partial employment year.

NOTE: This OJT Monthly Report is used to track hours earned as a registered apprentice. Complete and return to the Chapter Office by the 5th of every month.


Related Instruction is the academic portion of the program. RI credit can be earned in a variety of ways.

Related Instruction Credit Documentation

• NATE test: 300 RI hours for passing the Core Test; 150 RI hours for passing a specialty. The maximum credit for NATE testing is 600 Related Instruction hours.

• The apprenticeship committee members will apply fifteen (15) related instruction hours for each credit hour earned within a post secondary HVAC-related program. An original transcript is required to earn this credit.

• The committee members will apply a maximum of 25 related instruction hours for high-school related HVAC instruction; a transcript or certificate is required.

• Industry-related classes can be used for credit, i.e. PEU classes, shop classes, equipment training classes, safety classes, etc. A certificate, or similar document, is required and will need to show apprentice’s name, class name, hours in class, date and instructor.

Please erase all social security numbers on your documents, we do not need (or want) this information.


Method to determine initial placement:

The committee members will calculate OJT credit hours and place apprentices accordingly:

HVAC Servicer/Installer Four Year Program
0 – 1875 Hours Year 1
1876 – 3750 Hours Year 2
3751 – 5625 Hours Year 3
5626 – 7500 Hours Year 4

Pipefitter & Sheet Metal Five Year Programs
0 – 1800 Hours Year 1
1801 – 3600 Hours Year 2
3601 – 5400 Hours Year 3
5401 – 7200 Hours Year 4
7201 – 9000 Hours Year 5

As apprentices earn OJT hours, they will advance through the program.