* A statewide mechanical contractor shall have in its employ at least one license holder who possesses a statewide license.


  1. Too Many Licenses: Numbers of required licenses and jurisdictions requiring them are BOTH on the rise.
  2. Financial: Between fees and continuing education classes, it’s expensive.
  3. Lack of Workforce: Hard to find people able to go to work in the field right away.
  4. Hard to Grow Your Business: You’re ready to expand, but taking your skills to a new town can be a.lengthy process.
  5. Work Restrictions: AND you might not be able to take all your skills with you.

Solution – One Statewide Mechanical License

  1. Portability: Move around the state, pull permits, do the work.
  2. Do What You Know: Freedom to choose the work you know how to do and take your skillset with you wherever you go.
  3. Workforce Development: Train your technicians on what they need to know for the work you do.

What does one statewide contractor license look like?

  • Scope: I-Codes related to Mechanical & NFPA 54
  • Exemptions: Public Service Commissions and those provided by political subdivisions
  • Requirements: Insurance, Bond, Test, Field Experience
  • Maintenance: Two-year license with continuing education
  • Grandfathering: Yes
  • Political Subdivisions: Provide inspections, adopt code, issue permits and manage code enforcement

* This is proposed legislation, check back for updates. Continue with business as usual until further notice.