Proposed St. Louis County Master Water Heater Change

The St. Louis County Plumbing Code Review Committee (PCRC) has passed a resolution that will dramatically reduce the scope of, and eventually eliminate, the Master Water Heater license.

The resolution reduces the BTUH limit of the water heater license from 140,000 BTUH to 75,000 BTUH; and reduces the capacity limit from 120 gallons to 55 gallons. The resolution also limits the water heater license to residential, and like for like swap outs only. If you lose your Master license, you will not be able to get another. The only way to work on water heaters in St. Louis County will be to have a plumbing license.

Gateway does not support these changes. We recommend the license be expanded to include tankless, heat pump, solar, indirect, power vent, and direct vent water heaters. We have submitted a counter proposal. Our changes include a water heater license with no restrictions as long as the journeyman has a St. Louis County commercial mechanical license and passes a test.

If you have a Master Water Heater license, email Dennis Corrigan (PCRC Chairman) and Barry Ramsey (PCRC County Rep) and tell them you oppose the 5/25/2015 proposed changes and that you support the Gateway plan. You can email them both at

We appreciate your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at 314.899.0751.

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